Hikoshin Ryu Introduction

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The Hikoshin Ryu Incense Lineage is a complete lineage of traditional incense teaching about natural ingredients, traditions of incense such as Sonaeko and Kodo , history of incense, and much more. We discuss Japanese Incense, Indian incense, Chinese incense, Tibetan incense, Jewish incense, Incense medicine, as well as more. It will explain the various items available from such incense companies as Baieido, Shoyeido, Nippon Kodo, Incense Apothecary, and others. Such incese related items are Koro incense burners, Kogo incense holders, Nioi bukuro sachets, Zuko body powders, Sumidon charcoals and Kodogu utensils. At Hikoshin Ryu, you will experience an simple to use, accurate, and informational web site discussing all the traditions of incense.